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Thursday, December 22, 2016

4 Important Point on Genital Herpes Breakfast Diets

Genital herpes may affect 4 of 5 adult in United Stated. Unluckily, less of us aware of it. Moreover, more of us do not know that there is no cure of this disease yet. Once you get infected by the virus then you cannot get away from it. What you can do is just try to manage with it. Change your unhealthy life style and diet pattern is just one suggestion among all. Stress is also advised to be avoided if you want to minimize the trigger to make the genital blister and cold sores appear. Healthy breakfast is the next important step to take if you want to deal with it. Start with balance amino acids level on your breakfast menu is a great beginning. Try the following suggestion along with previous consultation with doctor to reach maximum result:

Dairy Food diet
Consuming 3 times of plain yoghurt is a great example of genital herpes diet. Even fruit from tropical season that usually referred to healthy food is also need to be decreased. The best way to overcome it by simply add yoghurt with the chopped pineapple for example. Do not forget to increase your consumption level on fruit that contain high vitamin C level to boost the immune system. Nuts and granola is also needed since it can trigger to increase the arginine level. How about you who do not become a huge fan of yoghurt? Try to substitute it with ricotta cheese and cottage cheese.
Genital herpes not to eat list
Amino acid arginine is the one who need to be minimized since it support the virus growth. What you need to do is make sure that the level of amino acid arginine and lysine stay balance or even take more lysine can be a great effort to fight with the virus. There are a lot of option to choose such as decrease the sugary food intake, minimize consumption on oatmeal, whole wheat toast, cereal and cream of wheat. Those type of food include into the do not eat list since it can weakened your immune system and trigger the herpes virus outbreak.
Healthy fast breakfast choice
The needs of breakfast in such rumble morning usually make us less aware of the needs on healthy breakfast consumption. Genital herpes patient need it badly. Low fat milk with higher lysine mix of smoothie is a great choice to take. Just try to add some mango that has high vitamin C level in it. For you who really need to manage stress can try the kale and chard smoothies. Most vegetables contain high lysine level so you can try to consume it more than before. Apple or dried apricots is also another quick and healthy breakfast to take.
Egg is also has high lysine level. Make an omelet with mixture of cheddar or mozarella cheese with spinach, mushroom and peppers is already great healthy breakfast. Chopped ham or canadian bacon is another great option to take. However, do not forget to eat fresh fruit such as a slice of avocado or black beans on your breakfast routine to get healthy genital herpes diet.

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