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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Genital Herpes Consumption Guide

Genital herpes  is not a curable disease. Until now on, there is no exact cure found yet. There is only several medication prescription to ease the pain and help you to minimize the re-occurence outbreak. One thing that surely will help you to deal with it is keeping your healthy life style including the food intake. Certain food need to be limited with the other need to consume routinely. Feel curious about the detail of food and supplement to help you out? Get more information below:
Beware of the arginine
Most of genital genital herpes may not know the fact the virus need the arginine to grow. You better stay away from the food that contain high arginine level and low lysine amount. The type of food that you better limited because of the high arginine are chocolate, wheat, carob, oat, soy food and wheat germ. Not only that, several type of peanut such as peanut, nut and sesame seed  is also better to avoided or at least limited since it may get the virus attack get worse.
Avoid the refined carb
If you herpes virus then it means that you will life with it. Anytime your immune level get low then the virus will easily attack and appear on the surface skin. Food that contain refined carb will decrease your immune level and trigger the outbreak. Sugary food will reduce your body ability to defend from infection. That is why you better avoid this type of food. Those foods are soda, white bread, white pasta and processed baked goods. Not only that, high fructose corn syrup is also high risk to consume.
Stay away from alcohol and caffeine
Your habit to consume alcohol and caffeine is surely not healthy since it can damage your immune level condition. Automatically, it will trigger the virus outbreak. Of course each patient condition will be different from each other. The best way to find out which food that affect the outbreak is avoid it for about a month and then try to consume it again one by one to find out the triggered one. By doing this, you can make sure which one that affect your health condition.
Diet list
Who says that herpes diet is a boring one. You just need to dig more about the information. You are still possible to consume various delicious food such as fish, poultry, bean, egg, dairy product, grass fed beef, bright color of fruit and vegetables. Need natural food to consume? Try the garlic, mushroom and sea vegetables to reduce your risk in getting recurrence outbreak of genital herpes.  

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