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Thursday, January 19, 2017

What Should be Wear by Genital Herpes Patient

Genital herpes  is not only about the virus itself. It is more than that if we want to survive as this disease survivor. The key is finding the right way to maintain your health and how to fight against it. Most of us only seek for the virus spread, how to treat or even the medicine to decrease the pain. Only few of us that being aware that we are also need to change in order to get ease with this virus.So, what kind of changes that is needed? It will be including your eating habit and life style.

Believe it or not, genital herpes is also affected by unhealthy eating habit and life style. If you can improve those two then your immune system will get better. Automatically, it will lead you into a healthier body and minimize the risk to get attacked by the virus or even decrease the possibility of re-occurence outbreak if you already have it. Even your choice on clothing including underwear is also affect the way how you deal with this virus.
If you already being attacked by this virus then you better being more aware with what you do. Do not share the underwear, towel and other object that have contact the genital lesion is important to do. For the underwear, you better choose cotton underwear and loose fitting clothes type. Those two type of clothing will help you ease with several common suffer that caused by this virus such as the burn, itchy, pain and burning urination sensation.
Wrong choice of underwear material is silk underwear. Other clothing type that including into a ‘no’ choice are synthetic pantyhose, restrictive clothing, tight underwear and pants. Those are prohibited since it makes the symptom get worse such as itchy and pain. You will easily feel itchy and makes you want to scrub and spread the lesion into another part of your body. Synthetic material is not a great choice since it is not make your skin easily to breathe like cotton.
Another easy way to reduce the painful feeling around genital area is spread the cornstarch in underwear to keep it dry. Tight clothing that made from nylon or lycra material is better be avoided since it is easily to being trigger of herpes outbreak. If possible, wearing no underwear is better since it will make you more comfortable with all of those painful symptom. Believe it or not, wearing underwear will make the genital area become wet easily and it will support the yeast growth.
Saying no to synthetic material of underwear since it can keep the moisture and moist condition is not good for your sake since it can make yeast grow better. Another habit that you should start is washing your hand in frequent time to keep yourself clean and minimize the spreading possibility. Besides that, the most important thing is stay away from the lesion since you may unintentionally touch and spread it into another part of your body or your partner when you touch them while you have genital herpes.

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