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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Does One Night Stand Can Infect You with Genital Herpes?

Genital herpes is categorized an uncured disease since the exact medication is not found yet. Unluckily, most of us do not aware that they are already infected. They start to aware when the outbreak is attack. When it is happened, you better have an open up discussion with your partner about your condition. The most common question that comes in mind may does one night stand can infect you with genital herpes? Here is the fact. When your cold sores boyfriend gives you an oral then you can infected. 
Basically, you can get infected with this disease from various sex intimation such as oral, anal and vaginal with people that get the disease. The common characteristic feature of patient that gets genital herpes sores is the blister that showed up around the mouth, genital or even rectum. Another fact that most of us do not know is genital herpes will stay with you for the rest of your life even if you do not make sex. Once it is infected you then the virus will stay beneath the skin and come up to the surface when your body immune level get weaker.
What you are capable to minimize the suffer is decreasing the chance of passing the herpes disease to your partner before starting sexual relationship. Even sharing the sex toys with someone that is infected is also raise your risk unless you disinfectant it. When you or your partner have sores, you better stay away from it and never touch it to avoid the spreading possibility. Another scary fact is that you are also possible to infect other even though you do not ave visible sore or blister.
Oral sex when you are having cold sores may cause genital herpes.  If your partner or even you have genital herpes then you better avoid any sex during the prodromal symptom till several days after the scabs go away. Be sure to avoid any kind of sexual relationship before the whole genital area is free from any sores, blister or ulcers. Another best way to avoid the re-occurence is by maintaining your stress level and body immune level. Those are the best way to deal with genital herpes.

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