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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Episodic Therapy for Genital Herpes

Genital herpes has many various kind of therapy. What you need to do is just having a test and continuous consultation with doctor to find out which one that is perfect for you. Episodic therapy itself means a kind of medication that are given during the first sign of outbreak. The medication will be continued for several days to boost the healing process. This type of therapy is also helpful to prevent the outbreak attack.

Usually, you will be prescribed with some antiviral treatment. The antiviral chosen since it can shortened your symptom length. Automatically, it can bring you more convenience feeling. However, you still need to remember that the result of therapy may different from each person condition. For example, the same antiviral medication may resulting different result from one person to another.
It is best to use this kind of therapy during the primary episode rather than the recurrent one. It is simply because the result of recurrent episodes usage showing lower result than usage in primary episode. However, the episodic therapy  can help you to manage your genital herpes outbreak through cut the length of your outbreak. It makes you get lessen suffering day rather than the usual one.
It is even better if you can take this type of therapy during the very first sign of the prodrome. Just being aware of the lesion. Do the therapy before any lesion appear since it may offering less benefit when the lesion is already appear. Usually, you will be suggested to take start from 1 up to 5 pills in daily basis for about 3 up to 5 days. Of course, it will be vary depend on the absorption rate and effectiveness level.
If you are looking for therapy that makes you get decreased length of outbreak and high effectiveness in earlier stage then this episodic is a great one. Just try to remember that the medication is only offering high rate of success when you use it in early period before any lesion appear. Prodrome is the best period to use this therapy of genital herpes.

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