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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

How to Decrease Risk of Genital Herpes During Pregnancy

Genital herpes during pregnancy may also infected the baby inside the womb. That is why, pregnant woman needs to be more concern about the infection spreading possibility. Even though this disease do not have any exact medication to cure yet but you may lowering your risk to infect the baby. Want to know how to do it? Get the detailed information below:

Maintain communication with your health practitioners

First of all, you need to make sure that your obstetrician or midwife know the fact that you have genital herpes. It is a must otherwise they could not do anything to help you. By maintaining great communication with them then you will be able to get proper treatment during your pregnancy. Do not feel ashamed since it is the only way to help your lovely baby inside.
Communicate if you have the outbreak during labor

Labor time is the most important during pregnancy. That is why it is crucial to let your health care provider know if you have outbreak during labor since different treatment will be needed if you have outbreak. Beware if you have the outbreak symptom such as pain. Tingling and itching.
Choose the right delivery method

Usually, the health care provider will suggest cesarean section during delivery since it is the safest way to minimize the infection toward the baby. It is possible since genital herpes virus may stay in the birth canal. However, you may have some prior discussion to know whether you may take vaginal delivery. It may possible when you are not in active outbreak period. Beside that, you may also ask health care provider to not break the bag of waters around the baby.
It is important since the bag of water is the protection for the baby from the virus that stay in birth canal. Another important thing to remember is avoiding the fetal scalp monitor usage to monitor the baby heart rate. It may sound simple but this instrument will create tiny punctures in baby scalp that may becomes the virus enter way. The best alternatives is the external monitor. Do not use any vacuum or forceps expect crucially needed since it may breaks baby scalp and makes virus easily to enter.
After birth treatment
You need to take care of the baby carefully during the first semester from birth. They will need your care for about three weeks since baby may also get neonatal herpes. The symptom of neonatal herpes are fever, skin rash, crankiness and lack of appetite. Take the baby immediately to the pediatrician when you have this mild symptom. Waiting for the babies to get well by themselves is not a wise way.
Simply do the whole listed ways above to safe your infant and baby from genital herpes.

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