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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Genital Herpes Male Early Stage Complete Symptom

Genital Herpes Male Early Stage Complete Symptom
Genital herpes male early stage  need to be recognized better to avoid severe effect toward men health. Even though not all people with genital herpes will have the same symptom but at least you need to know the common symptom to get earlier treatment. In fact, the most contagious phase is the beginning and the end of the outbreak. This is the phase before blister turn into scabs.
Genital Herpes Male Early Stage, Primary Attack
Primary attack in men usually takes time around 1 up to 2 weeks after the initial infection. This is when the virus will multiplies its cell. Unluckily, the symptom may very mild so that most people will not aware of this first outbreak period. Somehow, many men think that the early symptom as ingrown hair. Beside the spot, itchy and tingle is also become early symptom of genital herpes male.
After the itchy and tingle sensation, blister appeared and burst into such sore ulcers. Ulcers will turn into scabs and healed without resulting any scarr. Not only that, some men may also have headaches, fever and burning sensation when urinating. The initial or primary attack may happen for many weeks and need a long time to be healed. When men have reoccurence outbreak, usually it will be less severe since they already learn the sign.
The common medication is the antiviral treatment such as aciclovir that can be helpfull to ease the pain before herpes genital get worse. To get proper treatment, men need to recognize the symptom earlier. Those symptoms are muscle aches, fever, flu symptom, burning urination, itchy, tingle and burn sensation in the blister area that filled with slight cloudy liquid. Genital herpes sores in men usually found in penis, scrotum, groin, thighs, buttocks and around the anus.
Genital Herpes Male Early Stage Other Affected Area
Most of us may assume that genital herpes only attack genital area. In fact, it may also attacking other part of men body such as mouth, tounge and lips even though only happen rarely. Not only showing the symptom that have been detailed above, this virus is also resulting swollen lymph nodes, eye infection, encephalitis, eczema herpetiform and sores inside or around anus, buttock and thighs.
Genital Herpes Male Early Stage, The Potential Trigger
The trigger that potentially causing genital herpes outbreak usually associated with lowered immune system level, skin wounds, fever, tissue damage because of surgery, nerve damage and extreme climate situation exposure. This type of sexually transmitted disease is an incurable disease. It means that it will stay in your lifetime once you infected. Usually, patient will have around 4 up to 5 outbreak in a year.
The frequency and severity of the outbreak commonly will get decreased after some time. The first or primary outbreak is the longest one that followed with a short and inconsistent outbreak period. Doctor and health practitioner usually will treat it with such antiviral medication. Most important thing of all is recognizing earlier on male genital herpes early stage.

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