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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies Best List

Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies Best List

Male genital herpes home remedies  can be male patient alternatives to get ease with genital herpes symptom and pain. In fact, having this kind of sexually transmitted disease may makes you feel discomfort in your daily life. The itchy, pain and burning sensation during urination is already become part of your daily activity. Moreover, the blister and ulcer that may also appear to add the discomfort.
Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies List
Take a warm bath
The first step of male genital herpes home remedies that can be simply done by anyone is taking a warm bath. Even though seem simple, soaking in a warm bath water can relieve the pain by genital herpes. Instead of taking warm bath in a tub, take a warm shower since tub may increase the risk of spreading the virus. Do not forget to clean up the tub if you are sharing the tub with someone else. After taking bath, dry the infected area completely to avoid moisture condition that will worsen the sores.
Have a mild disinfectant soap
Run warm water with cloth and apply the mild disinfectant soap into the infected area. After that, dry and washing down the soap.
Baking soda and cornstarch to deal with the itchy
Simply take a cotton ball and pat baking soda or cornstarch on your sores. It will help you to dry the sores and also minimize the itchy that makes you discomfort the most. Be sure that you are not double dip the cotton ball since it may contaminate the unused baking soda or cornstarch.
As an essential amino acid, your  body will need lysine. Unluckily, it is not produced naturally by your body. You can simply consume lysine through legume, meat and over the counter supplement. Lysine is efficient to prevent genital herpes outbreak. However, you will need to consult with your physician before taking any of it to find out whether it is safe for you and the proper dose to take.
Tea bag
Put a cold and wet black tea bag into your sore to deal with the flare and pain. Simply heat water to douse the tea bag and cool it down immediately. Place the cooled tea bag on your genital herpes sores. After finish the application, dry the whole area and throw away the used tea bag.
You can apply the ice into your infected area to ease the pain. Simply fill in crushed ice into a plastic bag. Wrap the bag in a material thickness of a sheet. Apply it into your sores for about 10 up to 15 minutes. Repeat the application for several times in a day. The most important thing is throw away the used plastic bag to avoid the virus spread.
Aloe vera
Apply aloe vera directly into your sores and let the gel makes the sore dry. It is absolutely helpful to ease the pain and also faster the healing process.
Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies Psychological Effect
Have a good sleep at night. Having sufficient sleep at night will provide enough time for your body to get rest and recharge your energy. Be remember that the virus is attack when your body immune level is weaker. Plenty and qualified rest at night will decrease the outbreak attack possibility.
Manage your stress wisely
Stress have huge impact on your immune level. If you have great stress management then you are positively can decrease the outbreak level.
Male Genital Herpes Home Remedies through Clothing
Wear proper clothing
Believe it or not, wearing improper clothing can make your genital herpes get worse. Be sure to wear a breathable clothing such as the loose fitting one. This kind of clothing is perfect since it can let the air circulate well and make you stay away from sweat and moisture that become main reason of sore and outbreak happen. Choose cotton clothing rather than synthetic fabrics, polyester or silk as perfect male genital herpes home remedies.

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