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Sunday, September 28, 2014

4 Most Important Thing to Be Aware of Xerese Top on Genital Herpes Medication

For genital herpes patient, the usage of xerese top may not a strange thing anymore. In fact, Xerese on genital herpes medication is commonly used on suppressive therapy. However, you cannot simply consume it without being aware of several things. Those things are as follow:

Xerese top overdose case
If xerese top is include in your medication therapy then you better carefully consume it so that you will never get overdose risk. Be sure that you will never swallow this medicine because it may harmful your health. However, if there is an overdose risk is suspected then you better contacting the emergency room as soon as possible.
Avoid the missed dose
Any kind of medicine can reach maximum result if you consume it as prescribed. Anytime, if you miss any dose then you should consume it as soon as you remember it. Never ever to try doubling your missed dose since it will bring a dangerous effect on your health condition.
Never share xerese with other
Never ever try to share xerese with the other since it may not act as medicine but spreading the genital herpes infection. Do not trigger any reason that makes you stress since it may resulting into cold sore outbreak. Stress or influenza may also become important trigger. Be sure that you have sufficient sleep hour. Apply the sun block anytime you go outside under the sun light.
The xerese top storage
The best type of xerese storage is at room temperature. Be sure that you store this genital herpes medication away from the moisture and sun light. Do not forget to always close the tube tightly. If you have child or pet then you also need to store out of their reach.

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