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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Key to Living with Genital Herpes

Some of us may think that genital herpes diagnose means you cannot have great sex life as it used to be. Even though, you cannot completely rely on condom usage to protecting you but stay away from sexual activity during the outbreak may reduce the possibility to transfer the infection to your partner. When you feel there is an itchy or tingling feeling under your skin then you should avoid to have sex. This is the way you can living with genital herpes smoothly.

Genital herpes can be transmitted through oral sex.  That means you have to be extra careful when dating with herpes patient. The best way to deal living with genital herpes is be an open up person about your disease. You may also find the dating services that specialized for people with herpes or STD disease. You will find out that even 1 of 5 adult have herpes virus so the world is not ending if you get genital herpes disease.
If you want to have children, you also need to be more carefully during the pregnancy period. It is simply because the disease may infecting infant. You better talk to the obstetricians to get best suggestion in minimizing the risk of having future child. Even when you are consuming the medication during pregnancy or breastfeeding still need to have intensive meeting with doctor to find the proper medicine that will not put the infant in dangerous risk.
Besides the entire medication and therapy that you may take, you will need psychological relieve. You may try to join support group that dedicated for people that has herpes disease. It can help you to heal your psychological burden since you can share your story and get support to get through your hard times. Online support in many website and forum is also great idea to do.

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