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Sunday, September 28, 2014

All You Need to Know about Genital Herpes Medication

In general, genital herpes medication categorized as a safe medication. The safe label is including the antiviral medication and outbreak treatment. Even suppressive therapy that you consume in daily basis is also categorized as a safe method. However, all medication will take its own risk. You will need to know that all medication has differences. Sufficient knowledge will prevent you from suffer because of it side effect.

Most of the genital herpes medication contain antiviral agent. Those medicines fight the genital herpes virus by blocking the herpes simplex virus reproduction ability. The usage of antiviral medication can decrease the outbreak suffer including the symptom and transmission period. If you want to get the most effective result then you can apply the antiviral medication on the early outbreak period.
The sign of primary outbreak is the pain and tingling that crawl on your skin. Even if you are categorized as the one that have more outbreaks then you can take suppressive antiviral medication. This type of medication can reduce the outbreak frequency and duration. For the primary outbreak, you can take acyclovir and valacyclovir. You may also add the famciclovir of you have recurrent outbreak.
Some effects still gained such as sore throat, nausea, headache, cold, stomach pain during the antiviral drug consumption. However, you do not need to stop the medicine. What you need to do is just taking it with food. If you feel that the effect is too much severe then you can contact your doctor to decrease the effect. You will get best suggestion of medication that perfectly matched with your condition.

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