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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Complete Understanding of Genital Herpes in Men

Most people may think that there is no difference between genital herpes in men and women. In fact, it has some differences. If you want to know the proper action to deal with it then you better know complete information about male genitalherpes. Most men do not aware of this reality or even try to ignore it. Some may try to deny that they have this disease. 

Man is even trying to avoid to be tested to make sure whether they have symptom of genital herpes in men. It seems to hurt man dignity when they should come to the doctor and asking for health care provider help. However, it is not a good attitude since we cannot simply reveal herpes disease by our own. This virus is contagious. When you have it, your partner may get infected with it.
Genital herpes is a kind of disease that quickly transmitted from and to partner. It can be so quickly spreading. Unluckily, lack of people gets aware with this disease. That is why we may have sexual relationship with someone that already has herpes without being aware with that. Condom can help but cannot promise fully protection. The HSV 2 virus can pass through skin contact in the genital part.
Blood test is one of great way to discover whether you have genital herpes disease or not. You will need to spend around $90 for herpes blood test. Usually, the first symptom itself will appear around 2 up to 20 days ager getting infected. Primary outbreak seems like influenza that goes along with high temperature, fever, muscle aches, swollen lymph gland, and appetite decreasing and swelling of genital area.
After flu symptom, you will feel another type of symptom. Next symptom is that you will get such an intense itchy under the skin until blister appear on your skin surface. The blister is fulfilled with liquid and appears in your buttock, genital and other area. This outbreak usually will last for about 5 up to 20 days or longer than that.

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