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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Best Treatment to Prevent Genital Herpes Spreading

Finding proper treatment to prevent genital herpes spreading is important to ease your suffer. In fact, you still can infect the HSV 2 virus to someone with your sexual contact. You still can infect your sexual partner with this virus even though you do not have sores. That is why you better do the following things to protect your partner:

Have an open up communication with your sexual partner before having sex. Let them know that you have genital herpes disease. If they feel not bother with your condition then you can use polyurethane or latex condom. Be sure that you will not having any oral, vaginal or anal sex if you have sore in the genital, mouth and anus area.
If you have sore in then you better kiss or having oral sex since you may transmitted the infection to other. Sharing your toiletries is also not suggested since sharing toothbrush, towel an even lipstick may infect the other. Your dishes and utensils also need to be washed well before other people using it. 

Washing your hand immediately after touching the sore is great habit to build. If the symptom or sore is getting worse then you better call doctor. If there is severe side effect from medication effect or outbreak get worse symptom that cannot heal you also need to contact heal provider. Frequent outbreak is also another reason to see doctor.

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