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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Complete Understanding of What is Genital Herpes

Most of us may still have question of what is genital herpes. In fact, not all people have sufficient knowledge on this disease even though it is categorized as one of most infected one.  Unluckily, it is getting more difficult to recognize since most of first infection of herpes simplex virus do not have any symptom. That is why many people do not know that they have genital herpes. 

The symptom itself usually can be seen around 1 month after the first infection times and sometimes reach a year. Even if the symptom can be seem during primary outbreak then it will be happen around 4 up to 5 days after herpes simplex virus infections. Fell more curious about what is genital herpes and its symptom? Check out the following information:
Generally, the first primary outbreak has several symptoms such as painful red blisters around the genital area, thigh, buttock and rectum. Besides that, the ulcer and blister is also appearing on the cervix. Painful feeling when urinating, vaginal discharge, high temperature, pain and ache is other type of symptom that commonly appear. These symptoms itself commonly last for about 20 days.
After the primary outbreak, you may also get recurrent outbreaks since the inactive virus will remain nearby your nerve. This virus will be travelling back down and reactivate. When you feel tingle, itchy, burn around your genital area before any blister appear then it can be the sign of recurrent outbreak. Painful red blister is also happen and leave the sore. The period of the recurrent outbreak is commonly less severe and shorter.
The period gets shorter since our body has protective antibodies as the reaction of previous infection. It makes your body easily to recognize the herpes simplex virus and fight it better. That is why you will get less severe pain and ache when you get recurrent outbreak rather than the primary outbreak.

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