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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Perfect Ways for Genital Herpes Prevention

First thing to do when you want to do genital herpes prevention is maintain a safer sexual life. It means that you have to avoid the free sex habit. Set a limit on your sexual partner number. Besides that, using latex condom is also effective enough to prevent the possibilities to get infected.  It is even better if you have monogamous relationship. 

When you are suffer from genital herpes symptom then you better avoid sexual activity. Be sure that your partner is also informed about your condition. Tell the truth is important since some cases happen when people may get infected without any symptom appear. DO not forget to also consuming the antiviral medication to reduce the infection.
If you are not carefully maintaining your sexual relationship then you may also get higher risk to infect with HIV. The genital herpes prevention is also need to be avoided if you are woman that want to have healthy child. In fact, genital herpes during pregnancy may affect your fetus condition. Even the deliveries process is suggested to choose caesarean section to prevent any infection on the fetus.
Best way to take care of your unborn baby is making a routine consultation with doctor. It will provide you with the best suggestion so that both of you and your unborn baby can have safe delivery process. Antiviral drug can be consumed during the last few weeks before the delivery date calculation but only by the doctor prescription.

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