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Friday, September 26, 2014

Dating Tips with Genital Herpes Patient

It is not easy to have relationship with genital herpes patient. Automatically, it will be more difficult than having relationship with normal partner. You have harder time to fight your own emotional and psychological war. One thing that needs to be remembered is that it is not the end of your love relationship. You just need to make some change. Even some people that have herpes think that it can make them grow up and more open up with themselves and their partner. 

Here are the tips to have success date with genital herpes:
Always keep in mind that you are not alone
In the beginning you must think that it is the end of your life. Everything goes wrong and you are the saddest person in this world. In fact, you are not alone. There are a lot of people out there has the same suffer as you are. Even studies show that around 20% of North American people diagnosed as HSV 2 patient. You can join the support group where you can share and even learn how to date with herpes.
Build an open communication with partner
This is a hard part to date with herpes. Try to be honest with your condition and communicate it with your partner. It is better if you can communicate it earlier so there will no unwanted thing to happen.  
Get your partner to be tested
It is showed that around 20% of adult has HSV virus. That is the reason why you better have your partner to test especially if you already are being diagnosed. Do not worry about the cost since blood test for herpes is affordable one.
Try to decrease the transmission risk
When you are having serious relationship with someone, you must try to protect them. If you have genital herpes then you better do some prevention of infection. Those actions such as avoid having sex before, during or after the outbreaks happen. Using latex condom is also another proper prevention. Do not forget to also consuming suppressive medication to decrease the transmission up to 50%.
Throw away your shame feeling
This can be the hardest part of having relationship with herpes person. Throw away all of your shame feeling. It cannot be deny that diagnosed on herpes may make you feel shame to have relationship. You can end this by encouraging yourself and learn about this virus and how to deal with it.
Be a happy person
Start to change your mind that your life is ended. In fact, it is not ended but it is just need some changes in it. Do everything that makes you feel happy. Love yourself more than blaming the destiny.

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