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Friday, September 26, 2014

Recognizing Genital Herpes in Men

Most of you may thing that genital herpes happen similarly between man and woman. In fact, it has slightly differences. Genital herpes in men happen more quickly. It is happen around 2 up to 20 days after the herpes virus attack us from our sexual partner. Firstly, the symptom will seem like attacking large parts of your body because it is attacking your cells. This is going to happen during the primary outbreak. 

There are still a lot more common symptoms for primary outbreak of genital herpes in men. Those are fever, influenza, appetite decreasing, muscle aches, penis get swelling, swollen lymph glands and high body temperature. The symptom may similarly see like influenza attack. In general, you will feel like the whole of your body get sick and it makes you feel suffer a lot.
The symptom then will continue by the presence of small blister on your skin surface. Some of the blister will appear as cluster while the other appears together. The blister itself will be full of liquid. It will appear around your buttocks, inner thighs, penis and groin area. This outbreak may happen for about few days start from 5 up to 20 days. However, for some people it may happen longer.
Genital herpes in male may more severe than woman herpes. It is simply because of the symptom that very intense. To avoid worse suffer, you better held blood test even before you can see the symptom. During the outbreak, you better avoid to have sexual intercourse with your partner since this is the most infecting period. Your suffer may not only happen during the primary outbreak. You will still face the recurrent outbreak.
Outbreak of blister and lesion is a common symptom often shows during male genital herpes. Fewer outbreaks will happen if you can maintain healthy life style. Besides that, you will also need to keep your immune level. Do not forget to also consuming valtrex and acyclovir to decrease the virus attack. The key to face it get tested, tell the truth with your partner, keep dating, use herpes product and educate yourself about genital herpes.

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