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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Smoothly Guidance to Living with Genital Herpes

It cannot be denied that living with genital herpes patient may makes most of you feel frightened since you do not know what should do. Even dealing with society is not that easy. However, you still can have smooth life as long as you know the proper way to deal with it. First of all, you will need to sit down and take a breath. Try to look as much as information about this disease. 

Next point to keep in mind is staying calm. Look for a seat and take a deep breath. The most important thing to remember is never get panic even though this is a natural reaction for the first time outbreak. When you get diagnosed with genital herpes then you may get some recurrent outbreak. That is why you better find proper medication to decrease the symptom suffer, reduce the recurrent risk and lower the possibility to transfer the virus.
Living with genital herpes partner is not easy if there is no an open up communication. Some of you may not see any outbreak symptom since you are exposed with the genital herpes virus by your partner. It means that you have the asymptomatic infection. You do not get any outbreak during a month after infected then you may never have genital symptom. However, it does not mean that you can ignore it since you are still possible to get infected.
Do not blame your partner since they may also do not know that they put you in a risk. Try to look at yourself first. Take the STD testing and do safe sex habit. If you are the one who get diagnosed with genital herpes then you better tell the truth with your partner. Be sure you already acknowledge yourself about herpes transmission and how to reduce the infection risk. Take a test together is also great idea so that both of you can prevent any unwanted thing.
Latex condom may can help to add the protection. However, it cannot 100% protecting you from genital herpes virus. The possibility to infect your partner still open up widely. Do not forget to also consider about such suppressive therapy to reduce the virus ability to multiply and spread. Just try to be more aware since the virus may transmitted without giving any symptom that you can easily seen.

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