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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Discover Proper Home Genital Herpes Treatment

Even though antiviral medicine is commonly given to cure genital herpes but you are also possible to do home genital herpes treatment. This type of therapy can be done by yourself to ease the symptoms. Even simple care can help you to ease the pain and discomfort feeling that caused by this type of herpes. Just start with taking over the counter pain reliever to decrease the severe.

The types of over the counter pain reliever are ibuprofen, aspirin and acetaminophen. Some doctor is even recommending to soaking your affected are in warm water. However, you have to make sure that this infected area always stays dry most of the time. Using the towel after bath may result discomfort. If it is happen, you can use hair dryer as your genital herpes treatment at home.
Choose the right underwear material to decrease your discomfort. The best choice is cotton material since it has better moisturizer absorption ability than the synthetic material. Besides that, home treatment for this type of herpes can come from the usage of nutritional supplement and herbal extract. Take the extract of Echinacea plant to increase your immune system and fight the infection.
This Echinacea extract is also useful to reduce the outbreak frequency. Propolis ointment and honeybess waxy substance can help you to deal with herpes sore. The propolis ointment application is even possible to health the herpes sore faster than the antiviral drug like placebo and acyclovir. Just apply this ointment to your herpes sore 4 times per day.
Another helpful herbal type for this genital herpes diseases are prunella vulgaris, rozites caperata and edible mushroom. Those herbal ingredients can help you to deal with this type of herpes since it has effective chemical ingredient to fight HSV 2. If you want to try it, simply visit the drug store and apply it as your home treatment for genital herpes disease

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