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Saturday, September 6, 2014

General Genital Herpes Symptoms

It is often difficult to recognize that you have genital herpes symptoms. Most people is even cannot notice that they have the symptom from the HSV 2 virus infection that happen for about some days up to weeks after the first contact with infected person. The outbreak that happen after several months or years is also make you difficult to recognize that you already infected by this type of herpes.

If the genital herpes symptoms happen immediately after being infected then the pain usually get severe. Starting from the blister that break open then continued with a raw and painful sore that will need several weeks to get heal. Commonly, the blister and sore of genital herpes disease will happen along with influenza symptom like fever and swollen lymph. Just be sure to be aware if the following sign visible or happen to you:
When you have raw, cracked or red on your genital then you have to be aware because it can be the symptom of genital herpes even though you do not feel the pain, itching and tingling. Be aware if your anal area has some kind of tingling and itching. The most visible symptom is the small blister that break open and resulting painful sore. This blister may show up in your genital area, rectal, thighs or buttock. 
Another area that may suffer with the blister is the inside area of urethra and tube urine. It makes you feel the pain when the urine passing the sore. Strange headaches, backaches, fatigue, influenza symptom is also another common sign of genital herpes. However, you better take the test to make sure that the symptom is caused by this genital herpes. The test is important to avoid the misunderstanding of another similar disease symptom like bladder, vaginal yeast and bacterial infection.
Come and visit the health care provider to get checked so that you can have proper health treatment. Usually, you can get the diagnose whether you are infected or not by the physical exam, blood swab test!

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