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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Facts about Genital Herpes Medication

If you are talking on facts about genital herpes medicine then antiviral is the most popular one. Even most doctor gives antiviral drug prescription during the first episode of genital herpes infection. The first episode or the primary episode usually last for about 5 day treatment. However, if the blister keeps forming then the treatment day may get extended.  Approximately, the first episode of the genital herpes infection will last for about 10 up to 20 days.

What you need to think about is get an earlier treatment. Immediately medicine given will shorten the first episode infection period. The infection itself is not only last for the first time. It may recurrences in a shorter period and milder symptom. Usually it will last for about 7 up to 10 days. Even antiviral medicine is not always needed for this recurrences infection. As alternatives, you can reveal another fact aboutgenital herpes medication with salt bath, local anesthetic ointment and painkillers. 
The antiviral commonly used when you have severe pain. Just be ready with the proper supply for your home medication as soon as the symptom attacks. The medication is also applied when you have frequent recurrences. When it happen, you will need to take the medicine in daily basis. Consume it in daily basis can decrease the pain and the infection frequency. Usually, the medication will last for about 6 up to 12 month.

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