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Friday, September 12, 2014

Is it Safe to get Antiviral Genital Herpes Medication while Pregnant?

One of the most common suggested genital herpes medication is the antiviral drugs. The question is does it safe enough when you are also pregnant? If this case happens, what you need to do is contacting the specialist. They will provide professional advice about what type of medication that properly takes during the pregnancy period. Commonly, it will need more carefully treatment when you are pregnant and have recurrent genital herpes infection. 

Carefully treatment is needed to prevent any infection transfer from you toward your baby. The highest risk level on passing the infection to baby is happen during the last 6 weeks of pregnancy up to the birth time. The risk is even getting higher if you have the baby through the vaginal delivery. Genital herpes medication that commonly suggested is the antiviral medication.
The specialist usually will suggest you to take the caesarean section delivery. This surgery procedure will be taken to decrease the infection transfer. The antiviral medication will be given if you do not want to do the c section surgery and choose the vaginal birth procedure. The medication will be given into the veins on the labor and birth period. An antiviral drug is also given when your baby is born. 
The miscarriage risk will get higher if the infection happens during the first stage of your pregnancy. Even if miscarriage does not happen, you may get affected with your baby damage condition. Vaginal delivery will be safe when it happen 2 month before the first infection and giving birth period. The antiviral medication will be given during the final 4 weeks of pregnancy to minimize the recurrence chance of herpes infection.

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