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Saturday, September 13, 2014

Finding Out about Genital Herpes Symptoms in Women

For woman, understanding genital herpes symptoms in women is essential knowledge to obtain. Deeper understanding will be needed to make sure what type of proper treatment to take. Usually, the symptom when first genital herpes infection getting outbreak is the rash in the genital area. Besides that, there is also swollen lymph node in the groin and the burning sensation when urinating. 

Another common genital herpes symptom in women is the difficulty when urinating. This type of symptom happens to 10 up to 15 percent of women. The other rare and severe symptom like inflammation of the brain fluid and meningitis only happen into 1 out of 4 women. You have to be carefully pay attention to the symptom that may appear because some symptom may lead into misdiagnose.
Pelvic pain and discharge that happen to woman with genital herpes disease may get wrong diagnose as yeast infection or pelvic inflammatory disease. It is all happen because the existence herpes lesion inside vagina or pelvic. Even the herpes lesions that happen in the urethra can be diagnosed as dysfunctional bladder or urinary tract infection. 

When the infection happens again, woman may get irritation without any rash. This is the reason why woman should take test to make sure whether it is one of symptom of genital herpes or not.

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