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Saturday, September 13, 2014

All You Need to Know about Genital Herpes Symptoms

In fact, there is no proven fact for genital herpes cure. However, by recognizing genital herpes symptoms then you can decrease and prevent the spreading with proper treatment. When you are succeed to recognizing the symptom then you can find the most perfect treatment to stop the infection spreading so that you can eliminate the massive severe outburst.

Usually, the doctor will suggest you to take the antiviral medication. This type of medicine can help you to prevent the pain. Earlier recognition of genital herpes symptoms can reduce the pain from the symptom outbreak. This type of medicine is usually prescribed by the health care provider and taken in daily basis to decrease the virus infection risk level.
Fully understanding on the symptom will make you easier to recognize when the outbreak is happen again. Usually, you will have another 4 up to 5 outbreaks in a year after the initial outbreak infection. Your body will be more immune to this virus. Automatically, the outbreaks will be less or even stop. Of course the condition itself will be different for each person.

What you need to aware is the condition that makes the infection happens again. In fact, the infection strikes back when you are ill or stress. It is simply because your body immune will get decrease so that the virus will be easier to attack you. The common trigger that is causing the infection spread again is trauma, fatigue, surgery, menstruation and sexual intercourse.

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