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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Recognizing the Type on Genital Herpes Treatment

Most of genital herpes patient get anti viral drug in their genital herpes treatment prescription.  This type of drug considered as a safe medicine. The side effect of anti viral medication is a mild one. Acyclovir is one of the most common suggested medications. That is why this medicine is used in suppressive therapy.

The suppressive therapy for genital herpes treatment will make genital herpes patient meet the doctor at least once per year. The meeting itself is needed to make sure whether the therapy need to be continued or not. Taking the medication per day is not convenient but it can help you to decrease the outbreak and suffer.
Besides taking the doctor medication therapy, you may also do some self care treatment. This type of treatment can relieve the herpes symptom. What you need to consume is just consuming ibuprofen, aspirin or acetaminophen to ease the pain. As an addition, you may also applying cool compresses to genital herpes sore several times per day to reduce the itchy and pain.
For sores healing, you can wash the sores with soap and water in a gently movement. After that, you can pat it dry. If you think that bandage can help you to ease the pain then you better change your mind. In fact, it is not helping at all since air can heal the sores faster. Never pick the sores since it can affect the healing process. Ointment and lotion application is also only allowed with health care provider suggestion.

To ease your pain, wearing loose fitting underwear from cotton material is also great step during genital herpes treatment. Avoid any synthetic pantyhose or nylon underwear since it can make the sores get worse. Be sure to have sufficient sleep time to increase your immune system. Consume healthy food and avoid the stress. Using sunscreen is also great way to protect yourself.

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