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Monday, September 22, 2014

Understanding More about Valtrex Medicine for Genital Herpes

When you have genital herpes then Valtrex may become one of the common prescribed medications. Valtrex medicine for genital herpes can be consumed even without taking meal before. The oral suspension or caplet can be your option. Of course, each of this medicine form has its own proper dosage to consume. You better carefully pay attention to the suggested dosage to avoid unwanted effect.

To deal with genital herpes, there are exact consumption dosages to follow. You are recommended to consume 1 gram twice in a day. It is supposed to be consume 10 days especially after the initial outbreak attack. You will get more effective result when you are consuming it around 48 hours after you feel the sign or symptom of genital herpes primary outbreak.

For the recurrent outbreak, you will need 500 mg twice in daily basis. You will need to consume this medicine for genital herpes for about 3 days. Just be sure to consume it immediately after the very first sign that you can see. This medicine is also useful during the suppressive therapy. 1 gram once per day will be great for you who have normal immune level. If you have history of much recurrent outbreak around 9 or fewer then you may need to consume 500 mg once per daily basis.

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