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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Whole Things You Need to Know about Zovirax Medicine for Genital Herpes

Zovirax is one of well known medicine for genital herpes. This medicine itself is a kind of antiviral medication to deal with herpes infection. It can be your effective medication for the primary and recurrent genital herpes outbreak.  However, you should know all about this medication before deciding to consume it.
If you kidney problem, you will need to consume this medicine for genital herpes with caution from your doctor. It is simply because it may carry the kidney failure risk.  You are also possible to get blood disorder when you have problem with your immune system condition. However, zovirax cannot cure genital herpes completely. 

You still need to stay away from any sexual contact when you are suffering from active outbreak or lesion. Using condom may help but just for the condom that made from polyurethane and latex. A person that has allergy with zovirax ingredient is also suggested to not consume it. Be sure that inform all about your medical story including the medication that you are taking including herbal medication or over the counter.
Pregnancy or breastfeeding period is also essential to informed to your doctor before taking this medicine. For genital herpes, your doctor usually will examine your condition then prescribe some dosage that matched with your infection stage. Consume this medicine at the same time per day and keep consume it before your doctor directed to stop it. It will be more effective if you immediately consume it when you have symptom of outbreak.
You may consume this type of medication in several ways such as with food, without food or even plenty of water. Stay hydrated and avoids sexual intercourse when you are consuming this medication during the outbreak period. Zovirax side effect are nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, head ache and flu symptom.  About its dosage, do not ever take 2 doses at once and always keep it in the room temperature level.

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