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Thursday, October 23, 2014

All the Answer of Do Genital Herpes Hurt Question

Genital herpes as one of sexual transmitted infection can be bothersome for some genital herpes patient. If you ask the question about do genital herpes hurt question then it may hurt some people but some other may not. It is simply because most of patient do not have any symptom at all. Some other only get mild symptom so that they are not aware that they already being infected.

Some other may have painful outbreak and painful sore around the genital area. So if you are talking about do genital herpes hurt then the answer will be vary of each person condition. Person that has severe symptom is resulting from the herpes virus that stay in your nerve cell below the skin. When the virus is active then it will back into the surface skin and creating more sores. Another causes that may resulting the pain is menstruation, illness or stress.
When the time goes by, the pain will be reduced since you get less outbreak and faster healing. Usually, genital herpes may causes genital sores. Men often get painful blister and itchy feeling on penis area while woman will get sore in the opening of your vagina. When blister get open, it will create more painful severe feeling. You may get abnormal discharge, pain urination, fever, headache and muscle aches.

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