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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Complete Information on How to Get Tested for Genital Herpes

When a lot of people think that there is no way to get genital herpes tested then the fact tell a different thing. You are possible to get tested for it. Generally, the presence of genital herpes symptom will highly affect on your tested possibility. When you are seeing the doctor during genital herpes outbreak then the answer of how to get tested for genital herpes is examination of genital herpes sores.

The health care provider will swab the sores to see whether the virus is presence or not.  However, the swab test is not always accurate. The most accurate time to do this test is during first 48 hours after your first outbreak. If you are doing it during recurrent outbreak, it will get less accuracy. Another way is visual inspection on the sore. They will looking for blister that break open.
If you want to know how to get tested for genital herpes when you are having no symptom at all then you can held blood test.  The accuracy will be highly depend on each person immune system level. Another way to get tested is visiting the STD clinic. You can get valuable information there so that you can get tested and improving your knowledge of latest STD testing development.
Visiting STD clinic is not only effective to get tested but also best way to get accurate information on STD disease. Automatically it will make you more ready about the disease and finding the proper treatment for your condition. Besides that you may also get the best prevention of the virus better than before.


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