Complete Home Remedy for Genital Herpes part 2

Cool and warm bath treatment
You may take cool or warm bath treatment to make you comfort. Some people may feel comfort with the warm while other prefer to take the cool water treatment. Take a shower or bath with warm water on your genital area for about 3 up to 4 times per day will be great. After that, pat dry or use the hair dryer in cool setting. Cool treatment can be done by using ice pack or packet the frozen peas and wrap it in soft cloth and apply it into the affected area. 

Skin healing
You may speed up your healing process by taking home remedy for genital herpes. Try to apply essential oil to repair your skin after the outbreak attack.  Be sure you use two kind of essential oil. The first one is to apply for the primary outbreaks while the other for prevention and controlling the recurrent outbreak. This type of oil contain antiviral agent to penetrate blood stream work for healing the sores.
Fight the virus
Herpes virus is attack by multiplying themselves. You can fight this virus by using some herbs like cayenne, thyme and liquorice.
Dry the sores
One of the effective home remedy for genital herpes is the Epsom salt. It can clean, soothing and also drying the sores by decrease the itchy. Just be sure to put a large handful of Epsom salt in warm bath and let it soak for about 20 minutes.
Have a routine home remedy will make you ease the pain and get faster healing process.