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Friday, October 3, 2014

Complete Information of Home Remedy for Genital Herpes

Most of us may only know that common medication for genital herpes is antiviral medicine. Only less of us that are recognized home remedy for genital are also useful. In fact, home remedy is also effective to deal with herpes simplex virus type 2 that spread through skin to skin contact.  It can be efficiently reduce the symptom, frequency and severity of the recurrent outbreak. 

The key of home remedy for genital herpes is being physically and mentally healthy. If you can maintain those two then you can have better fight with genital herpes disease. Be sure that you have enough knowledge about this disease. Besides that, you are not alone. 45 million of American has herpes so you have a lot of people out there to share.
Here are several home remedy to ease your genital symptom outbreak:
Take the aspirin
Aspirin is a great choice to decrease the pain and inflammation that you fell during the outbreak.
Make sure to keep the infected area clean and dry
If you have an outbreak, you better make sure that this area is always clean and dry. Besides that, do not ever use any antibiotic ointment and petroleum jelly on the outbreak area. You can use calamine lotion to dry the sores but never apply it into mucous membranes nearest area.
Drying the infected area
You can try to dry the infected area with hair dryer. It is more suggested than towel since towel that is not soft enough may result friction and severe pain.
Avoid any sex during the outbreak period
Having sex or kissing is not suggested during the outbreak since skin to skin contact can have higher risk for genital herpes virus transmission.
Wear proper underwear
It may sound simple but important enough. Wear comfort underwear like the one that made from cotton. It is much more comfortable than synthetic fabric since synthetic material cannot let your skin breath freely.
Managing your stress
Outbreak commonly caused by higher stress level. That is why you better try to maintain your stress. Eat the right food, manage stress and have routine exercise can be an effective ways to prevent genital herpes.
Have enough rest
Believe it or not, our sleep quality also brings effect toward the genital herpes infection. Be sure that you have sufficient time to rest especially when you are suffer by the flu like symptom.

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