Complete Information of Natural Remedies for Genital Herpes

In fact, genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease that caused by the herpes simplex virus 2 attacks. This virus will create outbreak in your genital area, anal and buttock area. Most people may only recognize the medication to prevent and control genital herpes outbreak. Besides that, natural remedies for genital herpes are also an effective ways. It may not cure the disease but it can boost the immune level and your overall health.

First thing that you should do during natural remedies for genital herpes medication process understands the symptom and sign of genital herpes to decide proper treatment. Usually, first sign is flu like then blister will appear until creating painful sores. The sore itself will be heal around 3 weeks but may takes more times for women. Recurrent outbreak will happen because triggered by illness and stress.
Next thing to do is starting proper herpes diet. What you need to do is strengthened your body immune system by consuming food that rich of iron, vitamin B, mineral, iron and lysine. Do not forget to also consume vegetable and fruit as your daily intake. Healthy fruit and veggies to consume are mango, apple, beetroot, carrot, figs, apricots, papaya and cabbage. Alcohol, smoking, sugar and junk food are needs to be avoided.
Olive oil is great for natural genital herpes. Just take a cup of olive oil and cook it in a pot. Do not forget to add some bee wax and lavender. When this mixture has cooled then you can start to spread it on the outbreak area. Another natural remedy is Echinacea since it is great to boost your immune level. Besides that, propolis is a great as ointment. Rozites carpeta mushroom and prunella vulgaris is also great mushroom for herpes treatment.
You may also reduce the pain and swelling by applying ice pack on infected area. Another method is taking warm bath with baking soda addition to ease the pain and itchy. Just be sure that your genital will be dry and clean. Ayurveda herb is also effective to treat herpes ulcer. It is great alternative than common medicine to soothe your herpes ulcer and blister.