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Monday, October 6, 2014

Recognizing Completely about Early Stages of Genital Herpes

Most of you may do not know that genitalherpes affect each person differently. It means that you may get different symptom from your primary outbreak up to the recurrent outbreak. That is why each person has different sign or early stages of genital herpes. Some people may get blister during the primary or early stages while the other may not. It is simply because each person immune level is different. That is why the reaction of body dealing with the virus attack is different. 

You better learn the general early stages of genital herpes rather than simply refer to someone experience since it may different from yours. Sufficient knowledge is need to makes sure that you know properly how to react with the herpes simplex virus attack and protecting yourself better when the outbreak happen. Even an active infection may happen without any visible sores. That is the reason why you may infect other people without realize about it.
Usually, the first symptom of genital herpes occur around 2 up to 7 days after the contact with infected person. After that, it will need around 2 weeks to appear. Most people that infected will experience fever, chill, muscle aches, tired, pain, lessen appetite and swollen lymph nodes in the groin. Other symptoms are tingle, itchy, pain and burning sensation where the blister gets formed. This will happen for about few hours after 2 days. All of this may happen during primary outbreak or the recurrent one.
The primary outbreak usually called as the prodrome stage. This stage is identified by the active virus movement from skin to the surface and making an outbreak. This is the stage when you are so contagious. You will experience some pain when urinating, pan down your leg and buttock or vaginal discharge. It will be last for about a week before the symptom gets showed up. You need to avoid any sexual activity during this period because you may infect the other without realizing it.

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