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Monday, October 20, 2014

Complete Understanding on How You can Get Genital Herpes

It is undeniable fact that 1 from 5 people ages 12 and above in the U.S infected with the HSV 2 virus that causing genital herpes. That is why this virus gets popular in health world. Unluckily, most of these infected people do not have any idea about it. The main question that commonly arises is how you can get genital herpes? Mainly, more sex partner that you have then your risk of getting HSV 2 virus get higher. Woman itself gets higher risk to get infected than man. 

Most people may refer to genial area when talking about genital herpes. However, the transmission of this virus is not only from genital area. Even you are possible to get it from the HSV 1 patient without having sexual intercourse with them. That is why you better make sure that you have sufficient knowledge about the transmission process of genital herpes to find perfect treatment.
How you can get genital herpes? Mainly, this type of virus will be passed through the vaginal and anal sex. Even though most of genital herpes patient may get the virus from the vaginal and anal sex but this virus is also possible to infect from a person mouth. If you ever hear that HSV 2 virus may infected from sharing the hot tub or toilet seat then you better forget since the virus cannot survive in long period when staying in non living surface.
Another question that also arise dealing with genital herpes is the prevention of this disease. Most of you may already hear about the effectiveness on using dental dam or latex condom. However, the most perfect prevention is avoiding any sex intercourse when you have visible sore in your genital. Besides that, never get oral sex from someone that has sore in their mouth.

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