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Monday, October 6, 2014

How to Test for Genital Herpes Infection?

The worrying thing about genital herpes disease is that many people do not realize that they already transmit the virus without conscious about it. It may happen since some patient may do not recognize any symptom. It makes you get risk to infect and be contagious without any sign to see. The reason of unrecognized symptom is because it may misdiagnose as other type of ailment. That is why you better take some test. How to test for genital herpes? Here are the ways:

PCR blood test
Doing PCR blood test will make you sure whether you have genital herpes or not even though you do not have any appearing symptom. This test will looking at the virus DNA that makes this kind of test becomes one of the most effective method to find out herpes virus.
Cell culture
Another type of test that you can do is the cell culture. During this test, the health provider will take your cell sample from the sore. Later on, they will carefully examine it under the microscope to check whether they can find the fact of herpes simplex virus existence or not.
You will need to do another test after your first test since the false negative or positive result may appear. The false negative result commonly show when you are infected recently or the sore is begin to heal.  PCR and cell culture is a kind of effective test to make you sure since the HSV may stay in your body for years before any outbreak can be noticed. Another risk of not taking this test is never having any outbreak but being contagious to your sexual partner.
Antibody test
Direct fluorescent antibody testing will examine the HSV antibodies in your cell. It will be effective enough to find out what type of herpes simplex virus that you have. The HSV 2 or genital herpes will be likely having more outbreak than the HSV 1.
Do not only questioning how to test for genital herpes and start to do the test for your own health!

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