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Monday, October 20, 2014

Herpes VS Genital Warts Difference

Most of us may do not have any idea about herpes vs genital warts. Some of us may think that it is the same kind of thing. It is true that both of those affect the genital part and transmitted through sexual contact but herpes and genital warts is a different sexual transmitted diseases. If you want to know the real fact about both of those then you have to be able to differentiate between them. 

Herpes vs genital warts will be easier to define based on their differentiation. Genital herpes is resulting from HSV attack. The type of HSV that attack is the type 2. This virus attack creates the form of blister on the anus, genital, buttock and thigh. This virus will stay in the body and goes through the period of activity.
When recurrent outbreak happens, the virus will be reactivated. It will travel down the nerves that make blister appear. The blister will burn and turn into ulcer or open sore after several days. Scab over the wound and sores will be healed. The whole process start from the outbreak up to the healing commonly will need 4 weeks. When the virus is active, you can be so contagious.
Primary outbreak will happen within 14 days after the virus infecting. For the first year, multiple outbreaks will happen but will be reduced gradually. For the cure, there is no proven evidence of any medication. However, most genital herpes patient will take antiviral medication such as dalinex to decrease the outbreak.
Genital warts caused by human papilloma virus. Unluckily, majority of people with this virus infection do not find any symptom at all. These warts will be formed in woman vagina and cervix. If you want to detect it then you will need to take gynecological examination. The warts itself will be seen as cauliflower top, raised or flat.
It can be formed inside the vagina, anus, cervix, vagina wall, scrotum, penis, lips, thigh, tongue, mouth, hand, throat and even any part of your body. Wart commonly will be begin in 6 weeks up to 6 month after the infection attack. Not every people that held contact with HPV will develop genital wart because it may take years before the warts produced.
There are various symptoms of genital warts such as vaginal bleeding when having sex, itchy, increased vaginal discharge, dampness in the genital area. It may happen to any people, any sex and any age even though sex is the primary reason of this disease transmission. When children get genital warts then it can be the sign of child abuse. It may also lead to cervical cancer.
Genital warts cannot be cured but there are several medications that commonly used like aldara, wartrol, skin treatment medication and some surgical removal of the warts.

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