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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How to reduce genital herpes transmission?

If you are curious about genital herpes transmission then you better also check out what you can do to minimize the risk of transmission. Here are several ways that you can do to lowering your infection risk level:

Have open communication with partner
The first thing to do to decrease genital herpes transmission risk is having a communication with your partner. If symptom appears, you will need to limit sexual contact than involving skin to skin contact. Be aware since your thigh and buttock sore is as contagious as your genital sores.
Using condom
Condom cannot 100 % prevent genital herpes transmission. However, it may increase your protection to the asymptomatic shedding. Be sure that you are slide the condom as soon as you are completing the erection.
Using dental dams
Dental dam is a thin latex sheet that can be used during oral sex activity. This can be effective way to reduce genital herpes exposure.
Antiviral medication
Antiviral medication in daily intake will be effective to decrease the viral shedding frequency. It will be more efficient to use when you are having your first virus attack.
If you and your partner have the same herpes type then you are less possible to transmit the virus. Less people know about this fact. That is why you better acknowledge it especially when you are having long period of relationship.

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