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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Complete Understanding of Genital Herpes Transmission

Herpes simplex virus is spreading through skin to skin contact. Commonly, it will spread during sexual contact such as oral, kissing, genital and anus. The most dangerous period of virus spreading is the blister and sores on outbreak. This virus will stay on your skin even though there is no symptom showed at all. One time, the virus on skin will be infected people that have close contact with us. That is how genital herpes transmission happens.

When the transmission is happen through virus release in the surface of skin then it will be called as viral shedding. The viral shedding itself can be symptomatic and asymptomatic. Symptomatic is referring to virus attack with symptom while asymptomatic is occurring without any symptom.  However, this virus is not spread or infect through sharing towel, cup and toilet seat. You better acknowledge more about this virus to do proper action.
You also need to change your conception that you may get genital herpes from your current relationship. There is a possibility that you may get recurrent outbreak while having relationship with your recent partner. It means that you are also possible to get this disease from your past partner. This is possible to happen since the virus will be infected through viral shedding as genital herpes transmission.
Another risk that you should be aware is the transmission of your herpes to your baby. It is possible to happen through placenta when you are having baby in your womb. The infection is possible through delivery if the virus shedding on genital area or after birth on skin to skin contact. Even though need to be aware, most women with genital herpes disease still have normal pregnancy and healthy delivery.
Different thing happen if you have this virus before pregnancy. You will get less risk since your body will develop antibodies that will be formed through placenta. If primary infection happens during pregnancy then you need antiviral medicine. Late pregnancy period will need to have caesarean section option if you have sore on your delivery.

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