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Monday, November 3, 2014

Complete Benefit of Lysine for Genital Herpes

Nowadays, researches already find out that lysine for genital herpes has some important relationship. Lysine itself is essential amino acids that must be gained from food since body cannot produce itself. Lysine deficiency can result reproductive disorder, slowed growth and anemia. You can get lysine intake by consuming eggs, legume, sardine, cod and red meat. Another form of lysine can be gained through pill, liquid, patches and creams.

Outbreak is the painful period for genital herpes patient. You can consume lysine supplement to prevent the outbreak. Lysine for genital herpes is useful to prevent the recurrence of cold sores. It is supported through some literature review on Medscape News for Nurses. The university of Maryland is even suggest that we should consume 3000 up to 9000 mg of lysine in divided doses for an outbreak while 1000 mg three times per day is needed to prevent genital herpes recurrence.
Lysine is categorized as safe thing to consume as long as taken in recommended doses. Some side effect like gallstones may form if you consume lysine in high doses. Pregnant woman is also not suggested to consume lysine. Breastfeeding woman and people with kidney disease are also not suggested to consume lysine. However, the best prevention of side effect is held previous consultation with health care provider.

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