Complete Stages on How to Treat Genital Herpes part 2

Before try to looking for the answer of how to treat genital herpes, you will need to find out the type of infection that you have. If you get less than 6 times of recurrent outbreak in one year then you may need the episodic treatment. During this treatment you will need to take acyclovir for five day. You will be suggested to consume this medicine every time you get the tingle and numb before the real symptom begin to attack.

Another type of treatment that is commonly well known on how to treat genital herpes is the suppressive treatment. This treatment will be needed to give if you have more than 6 times of recurrent outbreak in a year. Suppressive treatment will also be suggested if your severe get worse. This treatment use to prevent the recurrent outbreak. During suppressive, you will need to consume acyclovir twice a day for about 6 up to 12 month.
The suppressive treatment usually will be stopped after 12 month. When the outbreak get mild and less frequent, you will need to get 5 day of acyclovir consume. If you get another severe genital herpes outbreak then you may need to do the suppressive treatment again. If the outbreak keeps happen, you will need to visit the health specialist.