The Usage of Lysine for Genital Herpes

Lysine is a kind of essential amino acid that needed for your health but cannot be produce by your own body. If you want to get lysine then it means that you need to gain it form food or supplement. It is a kind of building blocks of protein. Sufficient lysine level will create proper growth development and enough amount of carnitine production. Carnitine itself is a king of nutrient that has responsibility to convert the fatty acid into energy. Beside that the carnitine is also helpful to decrease the cholesterol level.

Lysine is also helping your body to absorb the calcium and form the collagen. Collagen is important to your connective tissue like skin, tendon and cartilage. Besides that, it is also important for your bones. Some studies is suggested the usage of lysine for genital herpes.  Without proper lysine level, you may get dizzy, nausea, fatigue, anemia, slow growth, reproductive disorder, agitate, appetite decrease and bloodshot eyes. You can maintain your lysine level by consuming legumes like peas, beans and lentils.
Routinely consumption of lysine can prevent the herpes outbreak. It is possible since lysine contain antiviral effect by block the arginine activity. Arginine is the one that responsible for the HSV replication. Oral lysine is even more effective to prevent the HSV outbreak. Not only prevent, it may also decrease the outbreak duration and pain level. Lysine can help your body to absorb the calcium. Lysine is great for HSV patient diet.
Lysine diet for HSV patient can be include pork, red meat and poultry while cod, sardines and parmesan cheese is also great choice. Nut, eggs and tofu is also perfect option besides spirulia and fenugreek seed. Dairy product, beans, brewer yeast is also contain lysine. Besides that, you may consume lysine in form of capsule, tablet, liquid, and cream. However, you will need to held prior consultation with your pediatric about proper consumption dosage.
Usually the dosage will be closely related with your body weight. Average adult on 13 years of age and more will need at least 12 mg/kg/day. Try to always talk with health care provider to avoid unwanted effect. Even though it is considered as save diet but high dosage may result gallstones renal dysfunction and fanconi’s syndrome. Pregnant woman should not consume it without doctor suggestion.