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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sign of Genital Herpes on Man

Most of you may think that genital herpes will only attack woman. In fact, man is also having the same risk as woman. That is why you need to be aware of genital herpes on man sign. Usually, male genital herpes will appear start from 2 up to 20 days since the first herpes virus infection. Mostly, the process of virus attack on your body cell will be easy to feel. This is called as primary outbreak. Common sign of genital herpes in male are flu, fever, high body temperature, swollen lymph gland and penis swelling.

Not only those mentioned above, there are also other common genital herpes on man such as appetite decrease and muscle aches. The aches are commonly showed in the leg, lower back and groin area. The first sign that commonly appear during primary outbreak seems like influenza. That is the reason why most people do not aware that they had genital herpes while they get misdiagnosed as influenza or common fever. When the phase of flu, muscle ache and fever is over then you will start to feel the itchy under your skin.
The itchy itself is resulting from the virus movement from your skin surface. The symptoms then continue into the small little blister appearance. Some people may get it as a cluster blister while other has a group of it. The blister that filled up with liquid is appearing around the penis, buttock, inner thigh and groin area. This symptom itself will be appearing start from 5 up to 20 days. To avoid misconception, you better get the blood test to make sure whether you get genital herpes or common influenza.

Primary outbreak period is the most dangerous one. It is simply because it is recognized as the most contagious one. That is why you better avoid having sexual contact with your partner to prevent the infection. It is better if you can be honest and tell the truth to your partner so that you can face it together. When your partner knowing the truth, they will be more ready and you can find the best treatment for you with their help.

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