Recognizing Genital Herpes Long Term Effects Part 2

In fact, 1 of 5 adult in America has genital herpes. Moreover, there is no cure for this disease. That is why you better have sufficient knowledge of genital herpes long term effects. Having this knowledge at least will make you get to know about the outbreak recurrence as one of long term effect. However, that is not the only effect that can be gained from herpes genital. Here are several other effects that you may get:

Higher HIV and sexual transmitted infection risk
The HIV virus risk can be increased when you have genital herpes diagnose. The transmission of HIV is possible from skin lesion. The lesion is the perfect entry for the HIV virus which is called as treponema pallidum, spirochete bacterium that caused syphilis and other sexual transmitted infection entering your body. The genital herpes patient is event have double risk of getting HIV. At least that is the result that held by University of Washington. When you have higher risk to get HIV virus attack then the risk of getting AIDS is also increased.
Aseptic Meningitis
Aseptic meningitis is a kind of infection that attacking the connective tissue lining in the central nervous system. You can try to detect this disease through some laboratory test. The common symptom that may appear is low grade fever, headache and stiff neck. Besides that, there are also other common symptoms such as buttock pain, constipation, urinary retention, back pain, perineal and lower extremity pain. Aseptic meningitis and HSV 2 headaches can be treating with suppressive antiviral medication.
Nervous system effects
According to Archives of Neurology in May 2008 edition, the HSV 2 virus is around 40 % found in sacral nerve roots. Nerves problem will affect lumbar or sacral nerve roots. When you get this, you usually will feel the tingle and dull pain in buttocks, lower back and anogenital area. Not only that, you may also get weakness on leg muscle, difficult to walk on tip toes. Some people also suffer with constipation, urinary retention and transient paralysis. Usually the symptom of nervous system problem will appear along with genital herpes outbreak.

Pregnancy problem
One of pregnancy problem that categorized as genital herpes long term effects is neonatal herpes simplex encephalitis. It is caused by the transmission of herpes through mother into her unborn child. When women get genital herpes during pregnancy then they may get problem during the labor especially when the genital lesion is occur. Usually, doctor will suggest doing cesarean section.