Understanding More about Genital Herpes Test

Genital herpes test is an important thing to do. It can help you to make sure whether you are really having genital herpes attack or not. In fact, such test needed to make perfect decision for treatment type to take. This herpes simplex virus is needed to do for you who have genital sores or newborn from vaginal birth that suspected as herpes genital patient. Usually, there are two type of method that used during the test. Those are herpes culture and HSV DNA testing or PCR.

The genital herpes test usually using the HSV antibody testing to diagnose if there is any infection occur. It works by collecting the blood samples after collecting the acute sample. If there is any rise on HSV IgG antibody level that it can be the indication of the herpes simplex virus infection. You can do this HSV DNA testing or herpes culture when you have genital sores. Doctor also can order HSV DNA testing when you have encephalitis symptom.
More regular test will be suggested for pregnant woman. If your newborn baby has skin lesion or meningitis then you can take the test to make sure whether you and your baby have HSV infection or not. Person that have man that have sex with man, multiple sex partner, infected with HIV, risk in HIV or sex partner with herpes. You can get significant test result by comparing the acute and convalescent sample. Negative HSV antibody can have the meaning that the person does not get infected or have sufficient time to produce HSV antibodies. 

For newborn, genital herpes can be serious threat. It is simply because they are getting infected during birth when they do not have enough sufficient immune level. The only possible thing to happen is the extensive lesion that will persist longer than adult who commonly have healthy immune. HSV also can make the patient get higher risk of HIV. It is even can lead into another severe disease like cervical cancer since it is combined with human papilloma virus.