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Friday, January 2, 2015

Reveal the Cost of Genital Herpes Test Cost

Genital herpes test need to be taken if you want to make sure whether you are having herpes simplex virus or not. Doctor will be taking some sample from the herpes sore and then laboratory will examine it. Another method that commonly used is the blood test. This is the method to examine antibodies that your immune system will commonly build when you are infected. If the antibodies of HSV 2 are detected in your blood then you are possibly having genital herpes.

If the antibodies of HSV 1 that seems to be found during genital herpes test then you may have genital or oral herpes. It is possible since oral herpes that commonly caused the HSV 1 can lead into genital herpes if you are doing the oral sex. If you are having health insurance then you may not be charged. If you have to pay then the cost will be around $10 up to $30 for each test that you take in the laboratory.
For you who do not have health insurance coverage then you can do the test in doctor’s office. The budget for doing this will be start from $50 up to $200 for each test. Negative side of test in doctor office is the permanent medical record that may appear. If you do not willing to have it then you may do some private testing in such private STD testing company that offer it for $50 up to $150 cost per test. Commonly, the usual package of 7 up to 10 STD test including HIV then you have to prepare around $300 up to $400. 

Have budget limitation? There is available discounted or even free STD testing in many clinics. Student is even possible to get discounted STD testing in the university health center. Some additional cost will be needed if you need doctor visit. The additional cost is about $80 up to $200. Cheaper cost about $10 up to $30 if you have health insurance coverage. Need the list of discounted and free testing? Try to contact Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Planned Parenthood or calling 1-800-CDC-INFO.

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