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Monday, March 30, 2015

Perfect Treatment for Genital Herpes in Men

As a sexual transmitted disease, genital herpes in men is caused by the infection of HSV type 2 viruses. Unluckily, this type of disease cannot be cure yet. We are only can reduce the outbreak and another annoying symptom to ease the pain. It is simply because once the virus attack us then it will stay beneath our skin and waiting to breakout another day. In men, most patient get genital herpes outbreak around penis, anal and scrotum area.

You can try to find the proper treatment to treat genital herpes in men. Of course, the treatment type will be depending on the virus stage. The first stage called as primary stage that occur around 2 up to 8 days after the first infection. When it happen, herpes blister will be appear around the genital and anal area. Some blister is even red, irritated, break or even unnoticed. When your blister get break then it will create open sores.
Next stage is the latent stage. During this stage, HSV 2 virus move from man skin to the nerve cell. You better do some treatment that can help you to prevent the outbreak. Shedding phase is the stage. Shedding phase is happen when the virus get multiply and enter the bodily fluid.  When you have genital herpes blister and sores then you can try to compress it with lukewarm water to ease the pain. After that, acyclovir cream can be applied on the sores. Do not forget to wear loose cotton, keep sores clean and use ibuprofen.

Minimizing the outbreak can be done through taking the oral acyclovir. Valtrex is another helpful medication to reduce the outbreak recurrence and prevent the spreading to your partner. At last, famciclovir is also great to get lesser genital herpes outbreak. Most of all keep yourself clean and be sure that the sores stay dry. Even if you want to take some alternative medication, contact the doctor to get best suggestion.

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