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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Episodic and Suppressive Genital Herpes Treatment

Proper genital herpes treatment is needed to make sure that you can get healed quicker and get less outbreak period. In this article, we will have detailed discussion about episodic and suppressive treatment. The first one is the episodic treatment. This type of treatment will be proper choice if you have less than 6 recurrent outbreaks of genital herpes per year. Usually, doctor will suggest you to take a 5 day acyclovir course when you feel the numb and tingle of the symptom.


The next genital herpes treatment is suppressive treatment. This treatment is given for you who have more than 6 outbreaks per year. It is also suggested if you have severe symptom. In conclusion, this is a long term treatment with acyclovir consumption every day.  Most of genital herpes patient that is taking this type of treatment will need to take acyclovir 2 times per day. The acyclovir then advices to be consume every day for about 6 up to 12 months.

Suppressive treatment is not only helping you to decrease the genital herpes outbreak but also minimize the risk of infecting your partner with genital herpes. The suppressive treatment itself will be stopped after 12 months of medication period. After the treatment medication for about 2 years, the genital herpes outbreak will be reduced. If suppressive treatment is not enough, the doctor will ask to take specialist treatment. 


Genital herpes has close relation with HIV especially when you have recurrent outbreaks. It is even get worse if you have weak immune system level. Just be sure that you avoid any sexual intercourse such as oral or anal sex when you have genital herpes. At least you need to avoid it until the ulcer and blister is cleared. Do not share any flannel or towel to minimize genital herpes spreading. 

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