Complete Home Remedy for Genital Herpes Part 1

In fact, genital herpes becomes common disease. Even 4 out of 5 adult in US infected by the HSV 2 virus. The thing that most of us may do not know is that this disease can be treated at home. Still feel curious about home remedy for genital herpes? Get complete information of proper home treatment as follow:

Olive oil
Olive oil can be one of perfect home remedy for genital herpes. It is simply because this type of oil perfect for skin moisturizer. It has high level of anti oxidant that can be perfect to deal with herpes sores. What you need to do is just taking up a cup of olive oil and heat it in a pot. Do not forget to add some bee wax and lavender oil. Wait until the mixture gets cool down. When it gets cool, apply the mixture in your infected area.
This type of medicinal plant has anti viral properties. It can help to boost your immune system. Each of Echinacea part such as its leaves, flower and roots can be heal your herpes. You just need to process and consume it in a form of pill, tea and juices.
Ice pack
Ice pack can bring immense relieve for your pain. Just prepare some ice and then crush it. Fill the crushed ice in the plastic bag. Wrap up the plastic bag in such a sheet that thick like a cloth. Put it on your genital herpes sore for about 10 up to 15 minutes to take your itchy and swelling pain. You can repeat this method several times in a day. Just be sure you are not too long to get exposed with ice pack since it may damage the tissue.
Baking soda
Baking soda can get rid your herpes faster. It can bring some relieve feeling form the pain and itchy. Just simply put the cotton ball and damp it in baking soda. Apply it on your infected are to dry the oozing blister. Try to remember do not ever re-dip the cotton ball in baking soda to prevent any contamination.
Tea tree oil
Tea tree oil can be useful home remedy for your genital herpes. Take some water in a glass and add few drops of tea tree oil. Gargle it to remove ulcers from your mouth. If you want to heal genital herpes then you will need to drop it on your infected area.