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Friday, October 3, 2014

Perfect Treatment for Genital Herpes

One of the common medicines during treatment for genital herpes is acyclovir, famciclovir and valacyclovir. For acyclovir, it is also available in a cream to apply on your skin. However, the cream is not suggested since it is recognized as not that effective to treat genital herpes. Commonly, acyclovir is the one that recommended for severe herpes virus infection patient. 

None of those three medicines that can 100 percent warranty to cure genital herpes. However, those medicines chosen during treatment for genital herpes since it can decrease the genital herpes symptom and pain. Not only that, consuming proper medicine can make the symptom get shorter period. If you want a maximum result then you can start to treat genital herpes outbreak as soon as possible.
The most effective time to treat genital herpes with antiviral medication is within three days after the symptom start to begin. If the recurrent outbreak is happen then the most appropriate time to start the antiviral medication is when the symptom of outbreak shown up. Daily antiviral medicine can be great option for severe recurrent outbreak. It may also helpful to reduce or prevent the infection toward your sexual partner.
Pregnant woman that have genital herpes disease should get the antiviral medication during the weeks before the delivery time. However it must be discussed with the obstetrician to get proper result. If the newborn baby already infected with herpes then there should be antiviral medication that given intravenously to prevent further and severe symptom. If you are pregnant and have blister in your genital area then you better contacting your doctor.

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