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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Complete Stages on How to Treat Genital Herpes part 1

The answer of question like how to treat genital herpes properly will be depending on the type of infection that you get. The treatment will be divided based on the first time infection or the recurrent one. If the infection that you get is the primary infection then you can try to visit the local sexual health clinic. Usually, they will give the antiviral tablet prescription. One of the common medicines is acyclovir that needs to be consumes 5 times per day.

Aciclovir one of the most recommended medicine since it is useful to prevent the HSV virus multiply ability. That is why this medication including on how to treat genital herpes. Even though acyclovir cannot clear up the virus completely but it can help to decrease the virus spreading. Basically, you will need to consume acyclovir for 5 days or more especially if you still have open sore and blister on your genital area.
Acyclovir may help you to reduce the HSV spreading but it is also lead into some side effect such as headaches and severe pain. Beside acyclovir, another common medicine is valaciclovir and famciclovir. Make a visit with health care provider if you get diagnose with genital herpes. If you only had mild symptom then you may only need home treatment for your genital herpes disease.
There are several home treatments that you can do to ease the genital herpes severe. First of all, you will need to keep the infected area stay clean with plain or salt water. It can be effective way to prevent any ulcer and blister. Besides that, you can apply the ice pack wrapped in cold, wet, tea bag or flannel. Apply it on your sore to ease the pain and boost the healing process. Just avoid applying the ice directly.
Petroleum jelly like Vaseline or anesthetic cream like lidocaine can be applied to your ulcer and blister to ease the pain when you pass the urine. To dilute the urine, you can drink plenty of fluid. You may also pass the urine while sit in a bath or pouring the water over your genital. Another important point to remember is never wearing any tight clothing to prevent any ulcer and blister irritation.

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